Terms of sale

  1. The company STRATOSFERA SRL as a SELLER undertakes to comply with what is stated in the order confirmation. The order confirmation is tacitly accepted by the customer as BUYER if not contested within 24 hours of receipt. Any defect or discrepancy detected by the BUYER in the order confirmation must be promptly communicated to the SELLER party. Any communications received later will not be accepted and the BUYER party will receive delivery as indicated in CDO.
  2. Prices are confirmed those indicated in the order confirmation, will remain unchanged except for reasons of force majeure.
  3. The sheets of paper or cardboard are laid on wooden pallets that are tailored to the size in order. Normally non-stop pallets are produced in a height not exceeding 120 CM TOTAL. Any requests outside our standards must be requested at the time of order.
  4. In case of impossibility of total delivery the seller party will undertake to fulfill the order as far as possible and will be free from obligations for deliveries to balance.
  5. Payments will be indicated in order confirmation, failure to comply authorizes the seller to immediately suspend supplies.
  6. On each pallet are affixed two labels with the indication of all the details related to the supply; item of sale, product type, quantity expressed in kg and in number of sheets, ID PALLET... to be kept in case of complaint.
  7. The goods travel at the risk of the buyer even if the sale is intended for free port.
  8. The terms of delivery are to be considered indicative and valid except for reasons of force majeure.
  9. The method of sale is gross weight weighted by net. The quantity of goods indicated in the order confirmation may be subject to variations of +/- 5% unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Any defect of goods such as quantity, quality or type must be communicated within 7 days of receipt of the goods. The BUYER is requested not to touch the goods that do not conform and to keep it at the disposal of the SELLER, which will replace unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The complaint of hidden defects or defects can be communicated within 1 month from the date of receipt of the goods, the selling party must, following the detection of the discrepancy, immediately suspend the processing to avoid compromises, unless specifically agreed between the parties.
  11. For any dispute the competent court is that of Lecco.