Paperboard innovators since 1967

The primary activity of the company is converting cardboard and paper, coated and laminated in specific size in short time for the printing world.

Among the products, cardboard of pure cellulose GZ, high bulk cardboard GC1 and GC2, back side kraft and specialty thin paper to cover grey board. The wide availability of stock allows to the company to respond quickly to any customer’s request.

The company is specialized in offering a unique service, the production of “print laminated media” in customized sheet dimension and fast deliveries. All our process is integrated. 

The offer is variegated, you can choose from a wide range of special products and technical supports for various applications.

The company is located on an area of 14,000 square meters of which 7,000 square meters are covered.

The equipment of production is composed of 3 synchro cutting machines, 2 plants converter for lamination in reels, 4 plants sheet to sheet lamination, 2 trimming machines and a small sawmill for production of customized wood pallets.

The quality of service and credibility are the core values that the company has always believed and for this reason it relies on selected and specialized international players, which are able to ensure the highest quality and resistance of the products.

History of the company


The year Plastic was founded, providing a manual laminating service for windowed boxes.


The main business of the company was laminating paper and card for catalogues, covers, over-covers and general packaging.


The company raised its quality level by also including special lamination for the cosmetics industry.


The demand for special types of lamination was increasing, so Plastic acquired a bigger workshop and moved production the new premises, which are our current headquarters.


The year of change: Stratosfera was founded to provide a cutting service in support of the existing lamination activities, and to develop the trade in specialist print media.
The aim of the new company was to offer a new level of service to the industry that it had never known before.


Plastic and Stratosfera merged into a single company.
Plastic Stratosfera srl was established.
Close working relationships were formed with international partners and a new investment plan was implemented.


Per confermare la sensibilità del nostro animo GREEN e l'attenzione all'ambiente, abbiamo rinunciato al nome storico Plastic Stratosfera s.r.l. per attualizzarlo al nostro tempo, diventando così Stratosfera s.r.l.

Project Investments 4.0

By subscribing to the call CALL "SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENTS 4.0 - DM Ministry of Economic Development of 10 February 2022, STRATOSFERA has launched an investment program in order to increase and optimize its production capacity in compliance with the directives of Industry 4.0 and to improve the environmental sustainability of its production process and reach much of the territory italian.

The company with such program in fact has decided to acquire:

-N.2 Electric forklift trucks;

-N.1 Slitting;

-N.1 4.0 trimming system for scrap recovery;

-N.1 Software;

-N.1 Electric pallet trucks;

-Photovoltaic system 50 KWp;

-Equipment for production of wooden pallets;

-Suction Plant;

-Packaging equipment

-Industrial scale 


Achieve a vertical integration of production thanks to the interconnection of new machinery with company IT systems.

Automate the processing steps, ensuring high quality standards.

Reduce the environmental impact of your production process.

Increase your production capacity.

The machines comply with the directives of Industry 4.0 as they are equipped with advanced software to monitor and manage data from sensors on board the machine.

The decision to build a photovoltaic system, moreover, has allowed the company to make significant progress in its path towards sustainable production and to become more autonomous from an energy point of view, in line with the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030.

STRATOSFERA SRL is, in fact, a company in continuous innovation, both from a technological and environmental point of view, which fully embraces the philosophy of the use of energy from renewable sources.

In this perspective, therefore, the construction of photovoltaic systems preparatory to the production of solar electricity for self-consumption, as well as the achievement of energy savings, both in purely economic terms and in environmental terms: the choice to use photovoltaic systems translates in fact also in an overall global saving in terms of CO2 not emitted that bypasses the scenario of corporate interest and that is immersed in the plan of safeguarding our planet.

The participation in the call "Sustainable investments 4.0 (Decree of the Minister of Economic Development 10 February 2022 Decree Directorate 12 April 2022)", has allowed STRATOSFERA, to be admitted to the benefits provided by the Ministerial Decree and the Decree Directory. This possibility has allowed the company to undertake an investment with which it has created a solid reality in order to improve the quality of its products, but above all become more mature in the market reducing waste and optimizing the final product distributed.


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